Charlie says that Lola is small and very funny. But Lola said that she was big, not small. And she was also not funny. She was clever. Her brain was bigger than her head. Charlie thinks that her brain is not bigger than her head. Sometimes, Charlie and Lola argue with each other.

This morning, the kids argued at breakfast over who crunched the loudest. They argue over silly things, like who can crunch the loudest or sharing. Charlie and Lola fail at sharing candies and argue. They also argue over what they want. Charlie and Lola were at the DVD store arguing over DVDs. One has BatCat. One has puppies being brushed.

When Charlie and Lola don't stop arguing, Mom and Dad make them sit in the Simmer Down chairs. They are called the Simmer Down chairs because Charlie and Lola get boiling mad. Mom and Dad make the kids sit down until they've simmered down. If Charlie and Lola argue today, Mom and Dad might not let them go to the Chinese puppet show. Charlie suggested that he and Lola should play a quiet game so they don't accidentally start arguing. So, that's what they did.

Charlie and Lola were playing to be farmers. Lola was hitting the table with her toy pig. She said that her pig has big feet. Charlie tells Lola to be quiet. That's what Lola did, in the second time, she hits the table with her chicken. Charlie and Lola let the arguing slip from their mouths. Charlie didn't want Mom and Dad to hear them.

Then they started to paint. Lola wants the red pencil from Charlie, but he wanted his BatCat collar to be red. Lola painted black on BatCat's collar. Charlie decides to return it. Charlie snaps the red pencil. They crumpled each other's papers. Charlie and Lola didn't know they were arguing when calling each other bad names that were "meanie" and "meanie pegs". And did you guess what Mom and Dad did? ¡They made Charlie and Lola sit in the Simmer Down chairs! and ¡Now the friends will see no puppets!

Charlie got an idea. He made a puppet called Squabbles the dog. Lola knew it was fun. She made another puppet called BatCat. Squabbles was nervous. Squabbles tells BatCat to get his hairbrush that was locked in a building because he has no key. BatCat flies up to get Squabbles' hairbrush back. Now Squabbles can enter the dog show. Mom said that Charlie and Lola were doing good. Charlie and Lola try to fix the disaster. They were so good, that Mom and Dad let them go to the Chinese puppet show.

The show began with a monkey puppet. The monkey found a treasure chest. But 2 hungry dragons want to eat the monkey. But the dragons started arguing over who would eat the monkey. While the dragons were arguing, the monkey made an escape. When the dragons found out that the monkey was missing, they kept arguing. Charlie thinks that the dragons were arguing too much, they should sit in the Simmer Down chairs. Charlie and Lola don't squabble anymore. At the end of the episode, Lola said: "You mean, yes, we don't".

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