Breakfast (7:53 AM)Edit

  • [Episode starts at the Sonner's house]
  • Charlie: Hey, Dad? Can you pass the mustard?
  • Richard: [giggles] Sure, Charlie. Here's the mustard.
  • [Scene cuts to Charlie eating the hot dog, then suddenly he realizes some hot sauce, and pukes it out to Lola]
  • Lola: It probably just needs more mustard.
  • [Charlie eats the hot dog again, but he pukes the hot sauce to Lola again. Lola tried to add the newspaper on it, but it faded away. Charlie keeps on puking. Lola tried to add the spoon and it worked and Charlie stopped puking]
  • Charlie: [coughs] This tastes terrible!!!
  • [Lola licks Charlie's barf]
  • Lola: Tastes like hot sauce.
  • Richard: [laughs hard] That's because I swiped the mustard for the hot sauce!!! [laughs] It was the greatest prank ever!
  • Charlie: All right. You got me. But... That's not the greatest prank. This is. Hey, Dad? Does this water look funny to you?
  • Richard: Hmm. I'll check. But afterwards, don't forget to tell me that prank you were talking about. [looks at the water] Looks okay to me. [Charlie squirts the water at him] AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!
  • Charlie and Lola: [laughs]
  • Richard: What did you do that for? You got water all over me.
  • Charlie: That was the prank.
  • Lola: Yeah. We did it, because it's funny.
  • Richard: No. It isn't. It's only funny when it happens to someone else. How could you do this to your own father?! [crying]
  • Nicole: That wasn't very nice. You two should know better.
  • Charlie: What? You didn't tell him off for pranking us!
  • Nicole: You know it's to late for your father. I want you two to apologize by the time I get back. [closes the door]
  • Lola: Do you think Mr. Dad will be okay?
  • Charlie: Nah. He forgot about it already.

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