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Sonner's Got Talent
Season 9, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date January 16, 2015
Written by Kevin Arrieta
Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Sindy Spackman
Kevin Sullivan
Directed by Gary Conrad
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Sonner's Got Talent is the 33rd episode of Season 9 of Charlie N' Lola.


The first annual Money-Makin' Talent Show arrived and Charlie has got to get back in there.


It is daytime at Marv's Diner. Lola and Charlie are eating steak. Marv gives them a burger with fries. Lotta, Lola's friend is in fish form. Tonight is the first annual Money-Makin' Talent Show. Lola teases Charlie by getting stage fright.

At nighttime, The Money-Makin' Talent Show have started. Charlie is afraid. (When Charlie gets afraid, he gonna go to the bathroom in his pants). The first act was Lola in a gymnastics suit. The next act was Mr. Sonner's hotshotting. Then Charlie was up next. Before he was about to sing, his voice was cracking. He got off the stage, crying.

The fourth act was Marv doing a dance. Then he got off the stage. Charlie has got to get back in there, he summoned the Genie (Jay Leno). He tells him that he has stage fright. Genie told him that he has to eat the bravery wish. His wish was to get back in the first annual Money-Makin' Talent Show to sing a love song. Before, his wish came true, Lotta did the magician. And Charlie's wish came true.

Charlie sang a love song about Lola's life, but then Mr. Sonner grounded Lola and took her home. Charlie cried hard. At the end, Lotta and Marv were so proud of Charlie. At the end, Marv and Lotta gave Charlie a coin.

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