Lola holding a tomato in the episode.

Mom tells Charlie to make dinner. Lola is a very picky eater. She says she doesen't eat peas, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, spaghetti, eggs, sausages, cauliflower, cabbage, baked beans, bananas and oranges. She's not keen on apples, rice, cheese and fish fingers. And what food Lola hates the most are tomatoes. Charlie said that Lola isn't going to eat any of those foods. Suddenly, carrots appeared. Lola doesen't like carrots. She said carrots are for rabbits. Charlie decided to play a trick on Lola. Then Saturn started zooming.He said they aren't carrots. They were orange twiglets from Jupiter. Lola thinks they look like carrots. But Charlie tells Lola that carrots don't grow on Jupiter. An alien takes the twiglets. When he ate one twiglet, he turned orange. Lola also ate a carrot. It wasn't bad. She told Charlie to not think about giving her a pea. They were not peas. They were greendrops from Greenland. Charlie and Lola suddenly ended up in a green, grassy field. It started raining greendrops. Charlie was catching them in his umbrella. Lola thought it was fun. She likes peas now. She doesen't eat potatoes. Even when its mashed. They were not mashed potatoes. They were cloud fluff from the pointiest peak of Mount Fuji. Lola grabbed a spoon and ate the cloud fluff. Lola never eats fish fingers. They were not fish fingers. They were ocean nibbles from under the sea. Charlie also tells Lola that mermaids always eat ocean nibbles. Lola now eats what mermaids always eat. Lola was too full. Charlie was surprised when Lola pointed to some tomatoes. He remembered that his sister hates that food. But she said they were moonsquirters. Lola took a bite and juice squirted on Charlie's shirt. Charlie also took a bite and juice squirted Lola's shirt. Before you know it, they were both taking bites and juice squirted on their shirts.

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode from the first season

In the final scene they take bites and squirting juice on the shirts ending the episode

This is the first appearance of Outer Space and Saturn

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