Lola is excited about going to the park. She thinks Marv is looking foward to see her and Charlie. But when they go outside of Marv's apartment room, Sizzles was acting completely strange. Sizzles was trying to get away from Marv. Bad dog! Marv tells Charlie and Lola that Marv's mom can't find her handbag and the keys. So they can't go to the park until they find the handbag. Charlie, Lola, Marv, and Sizzles go to the kitchen where Morton is drinking orange juice. Lola tells Morton that Marv thinks Sizzles is being a bad dog. Sizzles was just a bit sad because he can't go on his walk. As soon as Lola says walk, Sizzles goes bonkers! Bad dog! Charlie and Marv tell Lola not to say the word: walk. But Sizzles goes bonkers again. Bad dog! Lola thinks Sizzle is a bit of a bad dog. But Marv tells Lola that Sizzles has been more than a little bit of a bad dog. Sizzles howls at a TV show that Marv and Morton were watching. Bad dog! When Lola worries about Sizzles, she accidentaly says walk causing Sizzles to go bonkers once again. Bad dog! When Marv got Sizzles back, he tells Lola a bad thing Sizzles did. Last week, Sizzles chewed up Marv's brand new sneakers instead of wearing them. Bad dog! Not only Sizzles chewed up the sneakers, but he did the same thing to Dad's newspaper. As Lola says when they find Mom's handbag and go on a walk, the rest tell Lola to say you-know-what instead of walk. When Morton is about to eat some sausages, he didn't realize he was the only one who liked sausages until Sizzles pulls the tablecloth and steals the sausages. Charlie, Marv, and Lola chase Sizzles around the house. During the chase, Sizzles knocks over a stool. Bad dog! Marv reminds Charlie that Sizzles will do anything for a sausage. Charlie tries to catch Sizzles, but missed. Lola decides she should set up a dog school for Sizzles. Marv thinks training Sizzles will be a difficult task to take. Later, Charlie, Lola, and Sizzles leave Marv's apartment room. Lola tells Sizzles to sit, but nothing happens. Charlie tells Sizzles to lie down, but Sizzles is just standing there, but then, Sizzles walks away. Bad dog! Lola is trying to walk Sizzles, but Sizzles refuses to get up. When Charlie turns the TV on, Lola tells Sizzles to be quiet, but Sizzles won't shut up. Lola tries to get Sizzles to not rip up the newspaper to shreds, but Sizzles does as he pleases. Charlie and Lola imagine Sizzles at a dog show. Just then, Charlie remembers that Sizzles will do ANYTHING for a sausage.