This isn't the ACTUAL episode of Charlie and Lola this is my made up story.

So one day Charlie went out and brought a laptop that costed $500. When he got home he put it on the kitchen table then went to play outside. Then Lola walked in to the kitchen and saw the laptop and said ''Oh I know what this is this is a electric cutting board'' So then she put some fruit on it and started cutting them. When she was done the laptop was destroyed, it had cuts on it and fruit juice on it and it was just broken. Then she realized it was Charlies laptop and said ''*Uh oh I think I better go pretend i'm asleep and Charlie won't know I did it.

When Charlie comes in he see's his laptop and runs into their room where Lola's sleeping and says ''WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY LAPTOP!!! Lola pretends she sleeping and then wakes up and says ''Oh hello Charlie I was sleeping all day'' Then Charlie says ''What did you do to my laptop Lola?!? And she says ''Nothing Charlie I was sleeping all day'' And he says ''No you weren't! I saw you outside before!" ''Oh that must have been Soren Lorenson'' ''He's not even real